Terms and Conditions

In its essence, ElTurf.com is a group of free websites and apps in an active session, and its main objectives are visiting, checking data, and interacting with this website. With the products and services we offer, the client can access the aforementioned features. Should there be any charges, the free, simplified version of the information will always be available. It is hereby established that disrupting, copying or distributing the app or the website?s software is not permitted.

The terms of use regulate the access and use of this website. By accessing or using the ElTurf.com services, you are accepting that you agree with the conditions, rules, and restrictions that can be established in terms of the sections and specific services of this website. All these restrictions or rules are incorporated in these Terms and Conditions.

In order to make the most of this website, it is requested that the user stays logged in. To register at the website, you must create a user and a secret password. To do so, you must fill in the register form that is available on the website. It is assumed that by completing the form, accurate and updated information is provided.

You need to keep the registered password under confidentiality and protect the access of your personal computer and phone. The password can be changed following the procedure established on the website. Each user account is unique and non-transferable. Selling, ceasing, loaning, and transferring the password and/or the account is forbidden, under any circumstances.

All the information provided by the client will be considered as reliable, and it will be the client?s responsibility to keep it updated. In case of detecting any fraudulent behavior or misuse of the law or these Terms and Conditions, ElTurf.com reserves the right to reject any request form of registration, purchase, and of canceling a previously accepted registration.

Once the account is created on ElTurf.com, the user can log in with the same information on both ElTurf.tv and the app. Moreover, once the account has been created on any of the platforms, the user can log in on this website with the same information.

By creating an account, the client authorizes the information submission related to ElTurf.com and its webs and associated services. In accordance with Article 28 B of Law No.19,496 "Ley de Protección a los Derechos del Consumidor" (Consumer Protection Law), the client can request the suspension of information submission at any time.

Unless other payment options are mentioned, the services and products offered on this website can only be paid using the following alternatives:

  • • Webpay Plus
  • • Bank transfer: Payment made directly to the provider?s account, using the following bank information: (it will probably need a SWIFT or IBAN code for international transfers, and the Name of the Company is missing) Account holder: Inversiones ElTurf SPA Cuenta Corriente Banco Santander No. 71942902 RUT: 76.775.364-0 Email: contacto@elturf.com

The fees and prices of the services and products shown on this website are only applicable for purchases made on the website itself and not for transactions made on any other platforms.

In accordance with Article 3 bis letter b) Law No. 19,496 "Ley de Protección a los Derechos del Consumidor" (Consumer Protection Law), the right of withdrawal is inapplicable to purchases made on the website, so the user cannot unilaterally terminate the contracts stipulated on this website under that specific ground. The aforementioned, without prejudice of the legal guarantee right, so as the exchange and return policy given by this website.

All special offers contained on this website will remain valid during its respective duration period, which will be informed to clients along with the applicable conditions considered in the respective offer, as long as there is stock availability.

Delivery options will depend on the product and delivery address, which will be informed in the corresponding website section. Nonetheless, some points to take into consideration are:

Dispatch of products will be at the address the client indicates at the moment of completing the purchase order. It will be the client?s responsibility to enter appropriate and exact information, so as to hand the product in a correct and timely manner at the indicated address or chosen pickup place.

Dispatch will be made according to the informed availability at the moment of sending the purchase order of the corresponding product.

Currently available pickup options are:

  • • El Turf.com Viña del Mar Office: Calle Limache 3843, Local 1. Viña del Mar, Chile.
  • • El Turf.com Santiago Office: Apoquindo 4700, piso 16, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

The client cannot cancel the orders of purchased products. At the moment of dispatch, the client is responsible for thoroughly examining the product and immediately notifying ElTurf.com if there is any inconvenience.

In case a product acquired on the website has any failure or existing defects, does not have the informed technical features, or has been dispatched incomplete or damaged, the client has the right to ask for a total refund within three months after the receipt of the product.

To enforce this right, the client must show the product alongside any document that provides proof of purchase at any of the ElTurf offices (Viña del Mar or Santiago), prior notification to the email contacto@elturf.com with subject: Guarantee "Name of the product."

In accordance with the "Ley de Protección a los Derechos del Consumidor" (Consumer Protection Law), it will be considered as a failure or existing defect:

a) When the products subject to mandatory security or quality regulations do not meet the corresponding specifications;

b) When the materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances or ingredients that constitute or make up a product do not match the specifications on the product or its label;

c) When any given product is not completely safe for its intended use or consumption, or the one advertised by the provider due to defects related to factory, manufacturing, materials, parts, pieces, elements, substances, ingredients, structure, quality or sanitary conditions;

d) When the provider has agreed with the consumer that the products included in the contract should possess particular specifications and these conditions are not met;

e) When, after accepting the warranty claim and providing the guaranteed technical support for the first time, the product still remains deficient and is rendered unfit for the use or consumption addressed in the aforementioned letter c). This right will be preserved should the goods have the same original defect or a different one within three months from the receipt of the product.

Privacy Policy

By accepting this Privacy Policy, the client authorizes the website to use the personal information provided when making purchases and/or using or hiring ElTurf.com services through any of our communication or sales channels, both online and in-person.

Furthermore, by accepting this Privacy Policy, you authorize ElTurf.com to use cookies and other similar technologies in order to personalize and enhance your client experience, as well as to show you relevant online advertising under this section.

These services are not aimed at people under the age of 13. ElTurf.com does not collect identifiable personal information of people under 13 years of age. In case a 13-year-old person provides us with such information, it will be immediately deleted from our servers. If you are a parent or tutor and are aware that the child under your care has supplied personal information, please send an email to contacto@elturf.com, so that the appropriate measures can be taken.

This website may contain links to third-party websites, either related to ElTurf.com or other non-related complementary websites. It is advisable to read the Privacy Policy of any given website, despite being found and shared on any of the various ElTurf websites.

Every time you use or visit a website, most information is stored or retrieved on your browser as cookies. Whether this information pertains to you personally, your preferences, or your devices, it serves the purpose of providing a personalized experience.

With the exception of cookies that are necessary for the functioning of our website or mobile app, choosing to disable some or all of the cookies used is possible at any time. However, this could restrict navigation on the website and/or the apps, as certain functions might not work when cookies are disabled, thus limiting the experience.

The ElTurf.com Privacy Policy is under constant changes; therefore, it is recommended to check this website periodically. These changes will be effective immediately after being published on this website.

Paid services

*Mientras esté disponible la versión El Turf Beta de la aplicación, estará disponible el plan avanzado en todas nuestras plataformas sin costo y una vez que se haga el cambio a la versión completa de la aplicación, todos los usuarios quedarán automáticamente en la versión gratis.