Day Nº291 Monmouth Park , sábado 17 de octubre 2020

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1ª 12:50 1200 mswMsw 2ap Counterfeitcurency (18, Currency Swap) Pogi (Daaher) Ask Around (War Dancer) Chart
2ª 13:17 1200 socSoc 3a+ Corot (15, Pioneerof the Nile) Fox Red (Mineshaft) Umbrage (Lemon Drop Kid) Chart
3ª 13:43 1700 clmClm 3a+ Bridgetothefuture (16, Rattlesnake Bridge) Dizzy Sight (Twirling Candy) Ricardito (Tritap) Chart
4ª 14:09 1200 clmClm h3a+g Vinaigrette (15, U S Ranger) Right Notion (Great Notion) The New Miami (Shanghai Bobby) Chart
5ª 14:35 1200 mswMsw h3a+p Dial Me Up (17, Dialed In) Unbridled Mischief (Into Mischief) Chick Be Quick (Fast Anna) Chart
6ª 15:01 1700 socSoc 3a+ Runabout (15, Oxbow) Call Me Daddy (Palace Malice) Discreet Heat (Discreet Cat) Chart
7ª 15:27 1100 mclMcl 3a+p Mojac Kat (17, Cairo Prince) Fluent in Sarcasm (Kantharos) Now I'm Broke (I Spent It) Chart
8ª 15:53 1700 aocAoc 3a+g Croatian (15, Medaglia D'Oro) Optic Way (Cable Boy) Universal Payday (To Honor and Serve) Chart
9ª 16:20 1200 clmClm 3a+g War Giant (15, Data Link) Visionary Ruler (Pollard's Vision) Purimeter (Purim) Chart
10ª 16:46 1200 clmClm 3a+ High Five Cotton (14, High Cotton) Eye Luv Lulu (Pollard's Vision) Earned Success (Mineshaft) Chart
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