Day Nº291 Belmont Park , sábado 17 de octubre 2020

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1ª 12:20 1200 clmClm 3a Leaveuwithasmile (17, Conveyance) Ryan's Cat (Kitten's Joy) Mission Wrapitup (Mission Impazible) Chart
2ª 12:55 1200 clmClm 3a+ The Sicarii (16, Violence) Jump for Joy (Jump Start) Releasethethunder (More Than Ready) Chart
3ª 13:28 1600 aocAoc 3a+g Performer (16, Speightstown) Musical Heart (Maclean's Music) Empty Tomb (Speightstown) Chart
4ª 14:01 1700 mclMcl h3a+p Unicorn Sally (17, Point of Entry) Mizzen the Mark (Mizzen Mast) Belleza (Tiznow) Chart
5ª 14:33 1200 clmClm 3a+ Vineyard Sound (16, Stormy Atlantic) Shamrocked (Trappe Shot) Durkin's Call (Jump Start) Chart
6ª 15:06 1200 mswMsw 2ap Texas Basin (18, Successful Appeal) Momza (Not This Time) Voter Protection (More Than Ready) Chart
7ª 15:39 1400 mswMsw 3a+p Raven Rocks (17, Into Mischief) Not Phar Now (American Pharoah) Wudda U Think Now (Fast Anna) Chart
8ª 16:14 1700 alwAlw 3a+ Six Percent (16, Central Banker) Cold Hard Cash (Maclean's Music) Farragut (Afleet Alex) Chart
9ª 16:47 1200 clCl h3a+ Lead Guitar (16, Maclean's Music) Bohemian Bourbon (Midshipman) I'llhandalthecash (Point of Entry) Chart
10ª 17:20 1400 aocAoc h3a+ Good Credence (17, Jimmy Creed) Playtone (Tonalist) Jewel of Arabia (Daredevil) Chart
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