Day Nº46 Hipódromo Parque Caymanas , sábado 17 de octubre 2020

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1ª 11:30 1500 alwAlw 3a+ Casual Peach (16, Casual Trick) In The Blood (Strikewhileitshot) Inspired Miracle (Miracle Man) Chart
2ª 12:10 1000 mswMsw 4a+ Ashley's Glory (16, Strikewhileitshot) Black Royalty (Storm Craft) Matriarch (Casual Trick) Chart
3ª 12:45 1100 aocAoc 3a+ Smokey Topaz (12, Liquidity) Luminous Power (Natural Selection) Sir Arjun Babu (Legal Process) Chart
4ª 13:20 1600 clmClm 3a+ Secret Traveller (14, Traditional) Leekout (Seeking the Glory) Wilson (Storm Craft) Chart
5ª 14:00 1200 aocAoc 5a+ General Mubaraak (14, Storm Craft) Powerful Red (Splinter Red) Cat's Rigger (Outrigger) Chart
6ª 14:35 1000 alwAlw 3a+ Truly Amazing (16, Traditional) Ras Emanuel (Burning Marque) Wartime (War Marshall) Chart
7ª 15:10 1100 mswMsw 2a Santorini (18, Soul Warrior) Jahsendblessings (Western Classic) The Genesis (Here Comes Ben) Chart
8ª 15:45 800 alwAlw 5a+ Chief Of State (15, Adore the Gold) Doom Patrol (Adore the Gold) Sly Stalloon (Distorted) Chart
9ª 16:20 1800 aocAoc 3a+ Burlin (12, Distorted) Shauna Cruise (Nasheet) Chief Prospect (War Marshall) Chart
10ª 17:00 1300 alwAlw 3a+ Adore Brilliance (17, Adore the Gold) Kholbear (Casual Trick) Tomohawk (Natural Selection) Chart
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