Day Nº291 Santa Anita Park , sábado 17 de octubre 2020

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1ª 13:00 1600 mswMsw 2ap Play Chicken (18, Square Eddie) Warrens Candy Man (Clubhouse Ride) Discretionary Day (Acclamation) Chart
2ª 13:30 1300 mclMcl 3a+p Cal's Gem (17, Calimonco) Starship Chewbacca (U S Ranger) Me Macho (Macho Uno) Chart
3ª 14:02 1600 strStr h3a+g Shanghai Truffles (16, Shanghai Bobby) Solitaire (Lookin At Lucky) Sabinos Pride (Liam's Map) Chart
4ª 14:40 1200 socSoc h2a September Secret (18, Grazen) Dancing Dana (Clubhouse Ride) Exchange Vows (Tapiture) Chart
5ª 15:11 1600 clmClm h3a+g Y Not Sizzle (16, Stormberg) Danceformunny (Munnings) A Thousand Dreams (Carpe Diem) Chart
6ª 15:42 1600 mclMcl 3a+p Hapi Hapi (17, Clubhouse Ride) Street Behavior (Street Sense) Meadway (Tizway) Chart
7ª 16:13 1100 strStr 3a+ Factorial (14, The Factor) Colt Fiction (Ministers Wild Cat) Kris' Wild Kat (Wildcat Heir) Chart
8ª 16:44 1300 mswMsw 2ap Teton Valley (18, Tapiture) Suzie Qzz Brother (Commissioner) Moving Fast (Jeranimo) Chart
9ª 17:15 1600 clCl G3G3 h3a Warren's Showtime (17, Clubhouse Ride) Going to Vegas (Goldencents) Nasty (Street Sense) Chart
10ª 17:45 1300 mclMcl h3a+p Saving Sophie (16, Creative Cause) Save the Story (Will Take Charge) Princess Tale (Tale Of The Cat) Chart
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