Day Nº35 Valparaiso Sporting , miércoles 30 de septiembre 2020

Shift Director: Sr. Mauricio Maurel Tassara
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1ª 13:00 1000 hdHd 3a+ Para Hoy (16, No Nay Never) Scarlet Pimpernel (Monthir) Ganosamente (Stay Thirsty) Chart
2ª 13:28 1100 cdCd h3ap Gema Del Mar (17, Gemologist) Wings of Fire (Until Sundown) Aravera (Stay Thirsty) Chart
3ª 13:56 1300 hdHd 3a+ Regensburg (15, Dangerous Midge) Humor Genial (Stay Thirsty) Verde Olivo (Dance Brightly) Chart
4ª 14:24 1300 hdHd 3a+ Viento Noble (16, Strong Mandate) Chigualoco (Indy Dancer) Bit More Humor (Distorted Humor) Chart
5ª 14:52 1100 cdCd h3ap Fly My Kite (17, Forever Thing) Geisha Minah (Kitten's Joy) Varonessa (Scat Royal) Chart
6ª 15:20 1100 hdHd 3a+ Mainesise (15, Aragorn) Lucy In The Sky (Court Vision) John Wayne (Aragorn) Chart
7ª 15:48 1000 hdHd 3a+ Pecorin (16, Shanghai Bobby) Hamsaat Madame (Shanghai Bobby) Andriu (Dylan Thomas) Chart
8ª 16:16 1100 cdCd m3ap Agustin Magaldi (17, Magnifi Cat) Kraus (Competitive Edge) Fascinante Simple (Gemologist) Chart
9ª 16:44 1100 clCl 3a+ Van Court (15, Court Vision) Zoondercak (Breathless Storm) For The Good Time (Grand Daddy) Chart
10ª 17:12 1100 hdHd 3a+ Malibu Mile (14, Malibu Moon) Matius (Aragorn) Soy Pullami (Distorted Economy) Chart
11ª 17:40 1000 cdCd m4a+p Decimo Real (16, Aragorn) Never Surprise (No Nay Never) Frijolito (State Of Play) Chart
12ª 18:08 1100 hdHd 3a+ Che Andina (15, Cima De Triomphe) Catafracto (Neko Bay) Jardín del Este (Viscount Nelson) Chart
13ª 18:36 1400 hdHd 3a+ Terrua (16, Irish Brother) El Gran Cañon (Ivan Denisovich) Moito Gustoso (Aragorn) Chart
14ª 19:04 1100 hdHd 3a+ Lambert (14, Stevie Wonderboy) Tata Jimmy (Breathless Storm) Fito Páez (Newfoundland) Chart
15ª 19:32 1200 hdHd 3a+ Salto Del Huaso (14, Gstaad II) El Poroto Verde (Tumblebrutus) Marcha y Gana (Buzzword) Chart
16ª 20:00 1100 hdHd 3a+ Ciel De Lyon (10, Squire Jones) Gilligan (15, Mastercraftsman) Llamada De Alerta (Bluegrass Cat) Chart
17ª 20:30 1100 hdHd 3a+ Vamos A Primera (15, Awesome Patriot) Mira Bien (Seeking The Dia) Esperate No Mas (Ivan Denisovich) Chart
18ª 21:00 1100 hdHd 3a+ Es Reguleque (15, Tumblebrutus) Grand Lady (Ascot Prince) Leafpad (Easing Along) Chart
Total Found: 18

Day Nº37 Hipódromo de Palermo , miércoles 30 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 12:45 1400 cdCd m3ap Every Secret (17, Cosmic Trigger) Amiguito Dandi (Todo Un Amiguito) Love It (John F Kennedy) Chart
2ª 13:10 1000 cdCd h4ap Prefijada (16, South Kissing) La Sabanera (Van Nistelrooy) Alta Betty (Portal Del Alto) Chart
3ª 13:35 1200 cdCd h5a+g Rosseta (15, Bahiaro) Ascension (Angiolo) Huracanada (Hurricane Cat) Chart
4ª 14:00 1400 cdCd 5-6ap Stay Shining (15, Stay Thirsty) Embraced (Orpen) Mendax (Fusaichi Pegasus) Chart
5ª 14:30 1400 cdCd m3ap Codringer (17, Cosmic Trigger) Remotico (Remote) Numeraux (Global Hunter) Chart
6ª 15:00 1400 cdCd 5-6ap Cipriani (15, Manipulator) Vigilante (Campanologist) Montsant (Master Of Hounds) Chart
7ª 15:30 1200 hdHd 5a+g Sandyman (14, Mutakddim) Clairemont (Cima De Triomphe) J Be Tom (J Be K) Chart
8ª 16:00 1800 cdCd m3ap Great Escape (17, Equal Stripes) Esquilinum (Most Improved) Del Muñeco (Galicado) Chart
9ª 16:30 1400 cdCd m3ap Master Royal (17, Mastercraftsman) Mr Globalizado (Global Hunter) Medaglia D'Argento (Violence) Chart
10ª 17:00 1800 cdCd 6a+g Che Paisano (14, Greenspring) North Port (Sebi Halo) Negro Dream (Unbridle's Dream) Chart
11ª 17:30 1400 cdCd 5a+g Compasivo Best (15, Compasivo Cat) Broker Island (Lizard Island) Vilano Joy (Fortify) Chart
12ª 18:00 1600 cdCd 6a+g Golden Center (14, Equal Stripes) Piccolomini (Strategic Prince) Tremo (Not For Sale) Chart
13ª 18:30 1000 cdCd h4ap Imprevisora (16, Roman Ruler) Bonita Recompensa (Grand Reward) Out Of House (Knockout) Chart
Total Found: 13

Day Nº274 Belterra Park , miércoles 30 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 12:35 1600 clmClm 3a+g Hyndford (15, Street Cry) Flat Out Fast (Flat Out) Emperor's Gold (Soaring Empire) Chart
2ª 13:04 1200 mswMsw 3a+p Derby Included (17, Include) Raven Moon (Langfuhr) Streaky (Get Stormy) Chart
3ª 13:33 1300 clmClm h3a+ Curlin Coed (15, Curlin) Rewarded (Central Banker) Live It Up (Justin Phillip) Chart
4ª 14:02 1200 clmClm 3a+ Interference (14, Pass Rush) High Above (Pioneerof the Nile) A Bit Quick (Super Saver) Chart
5ª 14:31 1200 strStr h3a+ Templement (17, Flatter) Can't Touch Me (Musket Man) My Dark Secret (Maclean's Music) Chart
6ª 15:00 1200 clmClm h3a+ Companys Coming (17, Bold Warrior) Platinum Gale (Double Irish) She Got It (Run It) Chart
7ª 15:29 1600 mswMsw 3a+p Texas Hedge (17, Bodemeister) Paynted (Paynter) Sammy Again (Temple City) Chart
8ª 15:58 1200 clmClm h3a+ Gofar Krista (16, Much the Best) Queen City Kitty (Discreet Cat) Treasure Wilburnya (Wilburn) Chart
Total Found: 8

Day Nº274 Delaware Park , miércoles 30 de septiembre 2020

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3ª 14:15 1500 alwAlw 3a+g Chart
Total Found: 1

Day Nº274 Emerald Downs , miércoles 30 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 14:25 1200 clmClm 3a+g Always Working (17, Harbor the Gold) Freestone (Super Saver) Reno Roy (Harbor the Gold) Chart
2ª 14:53 1300 mswMsw 3a+p Long Lance (17, Justin Phillip) Monarch Woods (Hoorayforhollywood) Jacana (Abraaj) Chart
3ª 15:20 1100 mclMcl h2ap Finished My P H D (18, Nationhood) Unlimiteddataplan (Data Link) Gabba Gabba Hay (Sky Mesa) Chart
4ª 15:47 1200 clmClm 3a+g Battle Point Red (14, Sixthirteen) Miso Fast (Abraaj) Salty Minnow (Salt Water) Chart
5ª 16:14 1200 clmClm h3a+ Zanab (11, Kitalpha) Cherokee Louise (Nationhood) Sunshine Emily (Sixthirteen) Chart
6ª 16:43 1200 clmClm 3a+g Code Charlie (17, Desert Code) Live a Good Life (Boisterous) Don't Remember (Ez Effort) Chart
7ª 17:16 1200 clmClm 3a+ Stay in Power (15, War Power) Graycaster (Graydar) General Mach Four (To Honor and Serve) Chart
8ª 17:47 1300 socSoc 3a+ Mike Man's Gold (10, Liberty Gold) Iron Rob (Twirling Candy) Rocket Power (War Power) Chart
9ª 18:18 1200 mclMcl 3a+p Arugula (17, Gervinho) Bleu Musket (World Renowned) Dropyourbuffs (Abraaj) Chart
Total Found: 9

Day Nº274 Finger Lakes , miércoles 30 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 13:10 1100 mclMcl h3a+p Cross Keys (17, Cross Traffic) Palaceofresentment (Palace) Skylight (Sky Kingdom) Chart
2ª 13:37 1700 mclMcl 3a+p Lake Rudolph (17, Mineshaft) Bubba Chuck (Tapizar) Centre Street (City Zip) Chart
3ª 14:04 1700 alwAlw 3a+g Villainous (17, Wicked Strong) Icy Dude (First Dude) Odin's Steed (Violence) Chart
4ª 14:31 1200 mclMcl h3a+p Astarte Gold (17, Cairo Prince) Truly Funny (Yes It's True) High Spirited (Teuflesberg) Chart
5ª 14:58 1200 clmClm h3a+ Easy Banker (16, Central Banker) Tribeca Girl (Here Comes Ben) Playin Disco (Disco Rico) Chart
6ª 15:25 1650 mswMsw 3a+p Try'n Smart'n Up (16, Smart Bid) Tapit Happy John (Make Reservations) Open Lengths (Lea) Chart
7ª 15:52 1650 alwAlw 3a+ Run for Boston (14, Include) Smooth Operation (Dr Large) Marble Moon (Shakin It Up) Chart
8ª 16:19 1200 clmClm 3a+ Joe Mooch (10, Wild Desert) Special Story (Tale Of The Cat) For Good Reason (Disco Rico) Chart
Total Found: 8

Day Nº274 Indiana Grand Race Course , miércoles 30 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 14:20 1200 clmClm h3a+ Hypnotising (16, Irish Road) First Lady Maggie (Sangaree) Chargaree (Sangaree) Chart
2ª 14:48 1000 alwAlw 2ag Beer Can Man (18, Can the Man) Charles Chrome (California Chrome) Verrazanointhesky (Verrazano) Chart
3ª 15:16 1600 clmClm 3a+g Run This Town (16, Union Rags) River Finn (Pioneerof the Nile) Tom's Last General (General Quarters) Chart
4ª 15:44 1500 mswMsw h2ap Amazing Gal (18, Unbridled Express) Tuckyourtaleandrun (Run Away And Hide) Rhapsody in Grey (Majestic Harbor) Chart
5ª 16:12 1100 mclMcl h2ap Anchorette (18, Anchor Down) Slewpy's Halo (Cinco Charlie) Brody's Girl (Brody's Cause) Chart
6ª 16:40 1100 mswMsw h3a+p D D Seven Thirty (17, Liaison) R Speed Dial (Dialed In) Cake Ina Can (Can the Man) Chart
7ª 17:08 1200 clCl h2a Hungarian Princess (18, Pataky Kid) Sweet Justice (Dominus) Russian Influence (Into Mischief) Chart
8ª 17:36 1200 clCl 2a Betsdownletsride (18, Sangaree) Lookin At Justice (Atreides) Astroman (Astrology) Chart
9ª 18:04 1000 alwAlw h3a+ Princess Lilli Bug (17, Sky Mesa) Tap N Sway (Tapiture) Je Suis Belle (Langfuhr) Chart
Total Found: 9

Day Nº274 Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort , miércoles 30 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 19:00 1000 mswMsw h3a+p Bee Wings (17, Fed Biz) Summer Hours (Summer Front) Shyla Girl (Windsor Castle) Chart
2ª 19:22 1000 clmClm h3a+g Spring Lass (15, Denis Of Cork) Lil Sweetheart (Wilko) Zooming Zoey (Not Bourbon) Chart
3ª 19:44 1000 clmClm h3a+g Cheerful Chimes (15, Limehouse) Old and Costly (Old Fashioned) At the Half (Buffum) Chart
4ª 20:06 1600 clmClm 3a+g Denver Sky (17, Sky Approval) Cabo Headache (Ice Box) It's a Major Award (Algorithms) Chart
5ª 20:28 1700 clmClm h3a+ Dawnmino (13, U S Ranger) Factum's Reward (Factum) Punahele (Discreet Cat) Chart
6ª 20:50 1200 clmClm 3a+g Flying Frank (12, Congrats) D'money Honey (D'wildcat) Serve (More Than Ready) Chart
7ª 21:12 1100 clmClm h3a+ Light Hearted (16, Jump Start) Zoe My Love (Factum) Contendress (Competitive Edge) Chart
8ª 21:34 1200 aocAoc 3a+ Solitaire Game (16, Colonial Colony) Honor Life (To Honor and Serve) Try Try Again (Palace Malice) Chart
9ª 21:56 1200 clmClm 3a+g Chocologist (15, Tiz Wonderful) Trooper Thorn (Tiz Wonderful) Jerry the Bull (Benny The Bull) Chart