Day Nº34 Club Hípico de Concepción , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 14:15 1000 cdCd 4a+p Negrita y Rebelde (16, Stevie Wonderboy) Nachi (Gstaad II) Tribillina (Viscount Nelson) Chart
2ª 14:45 1100 cdCd m3ap Tato Regalon (17, Mayakovsky) Royal Sun (Omayad) Grande Pipe (Magnifi Cat) Chart
3ª 15:15 1400 hdHd 3a+ Bar Tender (15, Bad Daddy) Seattle Zulu (Seattle Fitz) Contundente Impact (Total Impact) Chart
4ª 15:45 1300 clCl h3a Yayi (17, Until Sundown) Guerrera Sureña (Forever Thing) Etnia (Ascot Prince) Chart
5ª 16:15 1300 cdCd 4ag Gran Diablito (16, Boboman) Chilean Economy (Distorted Economy) Almirante Maurot (War Command) Chart
6ª 16:45 1300 hdHd 3a+ Domingo de Noche (16, Domingo Siete) Milkao (Cat Scan) Noble Pensamiento (Passion for Gold) Chart
7ª 17:15 900 hdHd 3a+ Tata Matias (09, Pavarotti) Fiscal Agalluda (State Of Play) Cautivar (Stevie Wonderboy) Chart
8ª 17:45 1100 hdHd 3a+ Lucky Is (15, Lookin At Lucky) Irrumpidor (Last Best Place) Centaurus (Dangerous Midge) Chart
9ª 18:15 1100 hdHd 3a+ Marle (12, Happy Hunting) Rayo Real (Fast Company) The Real Fafa (Strong Mandate) Chart
10ª 18:45 1100 hdHd 3a+ Encino Dancer (10, Indy Dancer) Shasa (Morning Raider) Chao Jefe (Sudan) Chart
11ª 19:15 1000 hdHd 3a+ Arranca Dominguin (13, Red Rocks) Gravlax (Aragorn) Soccer Player (Star Dabbler) Chart
12ª 19:45 1000 hdHd 3a+ Dandy Chileno (14, Tumblebrutus) Dervish Pasha (Saddad) Lady Corthorn (Grand Daddy) Chart
13ª 20:15 1100 hdHd 3a+ Lemunao (15, Dance Brightly) De Las Chacras (Passion for Gold) Apolo de Belvedere (Monthir) Chart
14ª 20:45 1100 hdHd 3a+ Rescatame (14, Send Inthe Clowns) Spirit Fire (Caesarion) Abrazo De Amor (Gstaad II) Chart
Total Found: 14

Day Nº392 Hipódromo de Monterrico , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 13:30 1000 hdHd 3a+ Iluminato (14, Awesome Twist) Big Story (Southdale) Singit First (First Samurai) Chart
2ª 14:00 1200 cdCd 4ap Wicked Sensation (17, Drosselmeyer) Peruvian Kitten (Stay Thirsty) Yulisa (Riviera Cocktail) Chart
3ª 14:30 1700 hdHd 3a+ Prado del Sol (13, Go To The Sun) Cenizo Cantor (Meal Penalty) Arrollador (Twisting Road) Chart
4ª 15:00 1400 hdHd 3a+ Welcome Back (14, Flanders Fields) Gretchen (Southdale) Fire Magic (Fire On Ice) Chart
5ª 15:30 1000 hdHd 3a+ Mariana Victtoria (14, Timely Advice) Gibraltar (Unbridels King) Mad World (Pegasusbystorm) Chart
6ª 16:00 1400 hdHd 3a+ Niner Conti (15, Pegasus Wind) Capital Van (Van Nistelrooy) Lombardia (Meal Penalty) Chart
7ª 16:30 1000 hdHd 3a+ Ocean King (16, Dominguin) Nur Lubnan (Pegasus Wind) Despistado (Pegasus Wind) Chart
8ª 17:00 1000 hdHd 3a+ Todo o Nada (15, Riviera Cocktail) Alentador (Alado) Doctor Tino (Pegasus Wind) Chart
Total Found: 8

Day Nº266 Belterra Park , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 12:35 1200 alwAlw h3a+g Lovely Lady Linda (17, Western Pride) Miss Eliana (Tidal Volume) Luvyaseeyabye (Tidal Volume) Chart
2ª 13:04 1600 clmClm 3a+g Who'syourfavorite (16, Quality Road) Run This Town (Union Rags) Boogie Man (Ghostzapper) Chart
3ª 13:33 1600 alwAlw h3a+ Second Coming (16, Ghostzapper) Lady Laura (Quality Road) Loran Holiday (Harlan's Holiday) Chart
4ª 14:02 1600 clmClm h3a+g Riproaring (14, Scat Daddy) Pearls in Charge (Take Charge Indy) Summit Point (Bellamy Road) Chart
5ª 14:31 1200 clmClm 3a+g This Man Can (16, Can the Man) Grind Line (Country Day) Captain Riley (Talent Search) Chart
6ª 15:00 1600 clmClm 3a+ Giovante (14, Gio Ponti) Kaleidoscope Kid (Papa Clem) Dreammeister (Bodemeister) Chart
7ª 15:29 1000 alwAlw h3a+ Foreign Exchange (17, Congrats) Go Stormin Girl (17, Get Stormy) Golden Star Lady (Candy Ride) Chart
8ª 15:58 1600 clmClm h3a+g Fashion Frame (17, Bayern) Frankie's Gift (Eskendereya) Joplin (Brethren) Chart
Total Found: 8

Day Nº266 Finger Lakes , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 13:10 1100 clmClm h3a+g Dosage and Mimosas (13, Bustin Stones) Bayshore Beauty (Congaree) French Cruller (Congaree) Chart
2ª 13:37 1650 mclMcl h3a+p Hope I Can (17, Alpha) City Bird Flying (Revolutionary) Bug Tales (Forty Tales) Chart
3ª 14:04 1100 clmClm 3a+g I Will Rock You (13, Bustin Stones) Rico Capote (Disco Rico) Winning Withhonour (Lunarpal) Chart
4ª 14:31 1100 mswMsw h3a+p Spirit of Life (17, Tapiture) Graphite Dutchess (Palace Malice) Lasagna (Verrazano) Chart
5ª 14:58 1100 clmClm 3a+g Zenato (15, Bluegrass Cat) More Than Striking (Handsome Mike) Showmanship (First Samurai) Chart
6ª 15:25 1200 clmClm 3a+g Union Banks (16, Union Rags) Air Quality (Quality Road) Isaiah Isaiah (Bellamy Road) Chart
7ª 15:52 1200 aocAoc h3a+ Treatherlikestar (14, Kitten's Joy) Hardstonemelody (Bustin Stones) Stonesintheroad (Bustin Stones) Chart
8ª 16:19 1200 clmClm 3a+ Macho Miah (14, Macho Uno) Smooth Cat (Bluegrass Cat) Thirsty Donnerstag (Stay Thirsty) Chart
Total Found: 8

Day Nº266 Grants Pass , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 16:00 1000 mocMoc h3a+p Mistical Meadow (16, Peppered Cat) Call Me Stormy (Stormy Jack) Purely (Northern Afleet) Chart
4ª 17:30 1000 clmClm h3a+ Cosmic Tripster (15, Atta Boy Roy) Lady Sunset (Sky Mesa) Agua de Fuego (Rallying Cry) Chart
5ª 18:00 1000 clmClm 3a+g Sequoyah Sunset (15, Sierra Sunset) Sonic Boy (Peppered Cat) Oakie Flyer (Jet West) Chart
6ª 18:30 1000 clmClm h3a+g Get Yourself Home (14, Good Journey) Sterling Aly (Gold Aly) Lizetta (Sought After) Chart
Total Found: 4

Day Nº266 Indiana Grand Race Course , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 14:20 1700 alwAlw 3a+g Proud N Famous (17, Congrats) Topping (Country Day) Daaher Street (Daaher) Chart
2ª 14:48 1000 mswMsw 2ap Caught On You (18, Into Mischief) Field Day (Broken Vow) Funny Bone (Dominus) Chart
3ª 15:16 1600 clmClm 3a+g Conquest Stormy (13, Stormy Atlantic) Close the Case (Gold Case) C Js Billy Byu (Artemus Sunrise) Chart
4ª 15:44 1200 clmClm 3a+g My Man Beckett (16, Discreet Cat) El Bohemio (Flat Out) D'ark Flatter (Flatter) Chart
5ª 16:12 1200 aocAoc 3a+ Greeley and Ben (14, Greeley's Conquest) Firery Tale (Tale of Ekati) Impact Player (City Zip) Chart
6ª 16:40 1600 mswMsw h3a+p Strong Illusion (17, Strong Contender) Derby Princess (Colonial Colony) Crypto Cat (Silver Mountain) Chart
7ª 17:08 1200 mclMcl h3a+p Matildas Magic (16, Stately Victor) Glowed (Bye Bye Crafty) Mysticly Delicious (Goods) Chart
8ª 17:36 1600 clmClm 3a+g Major Sparks (17, Colonel John) Here Comes Trey (Unbridled Express) Fever Temple (Temple City) Chart
9ª 18:04 1600 socSoc 3a+ Perfectly Majestic (12, Majesticperfection) Surge Pricing (Animal Kingdom) Steel Shot (Trappe Shot) Chart
Total Found: 9

Day Nº266 Louisiana Downs , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 15:05 1200 clmClm h3a+g Irish Priority (16, Apriority) That's a Song (Songandaprayer) Lucky Taylor (Custom for Carlos) Chart
2ª 15:33 1600 mclMcl h3a+p Widow of Nain (17, Kitten's Joy) Linda Got Lucky (Bernardini) Two Skies (Afleet Alex) Chart
3ª 16:01 1200 clmClm h3a+g Belmar Beauty (17, Archarcharch) Hurricane Tizway (Tizway) Ignis (Twirling Candy) Chart
4ª 16:26 1200 mswMsw h3a+p True Friend (17, Tapizar) Ronnie's Peso (Afleet Alex) Mariposa d'Oro (Shackleford) Chart
5ª 16:55 1500 mswMsw 2ap Saint Scotty (18, Court Vision) Drewhustle (Outwork) Banquet Chef (Bind) Chart
Total Found: 5

Day Nº266 Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 19:00 1400 clmClm 3a+g Uninvited (13, Misremembered) Bungalow (Shackleford) Tarnished Justice (Overanalyze) Chart
2ª 19:22 1400 alwAlw 3a+g The Pirates (16, The Factor) Deputy Ben (Deputy Rummy) Mister Not Funny (Distorted Humor) Chart
3ª 19:44 1700 mswMsw 3a+p Stop Making Sense (17, Tiznow) Unbridledselection (Unbridled Energy) Swingabigstick (Even The Score) Chart
4ª 20:06 1600 clmClm h3a+g Calendula (15, The Factor) Foxy Gator (First Dude) Cipherin' Sue (Algorithms) Chart
5ª 20:28 1100 clmClm 3a+g Urban Buckeye (16, Poseidon's Warrior) Picky Picky Picky (Straight Talking) I Dub Thee (Animal Kingdom) Chart
6ª 20:50 1200 clmClm h3a+ Wee Monie Creek (15, Orientate) Dream Park (Divine Park) Sealed With a Kiss (Two Step Salsa) Chart
7ª 21:12 1200 clmClm h3a+ Marching In (17, Drill) Symphony Hall (Wicked Strong) Adios Hillary (Adios Charlie) Chart
8ª 21:34 1000 clmClm 3a+g Bern Cigars (16, Weigelia) Sleeping Giant (Red Giant) Pequeno Grande (Frost Giant) Chart
9ª 21:56 1000 clmClm 3a+ Aquamarine (14, Gemologist) Cowboy Rusty (Kodiak Kowboy) Honkeytonk Man (Bluegrass Cat) Chart
Total Found: 9

Day Nº266 Parx Racing , martes 22 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 12:55 1600 clmClm 3a+g Machtree (15, Kitten's Joy) Eclipsed Moon (Malibu Moon) Nobiz Like Jetbiz (Fed Biz) Chart
2ª 13:22 1700 mclMcl h3a+p Gold Rush Kizzie (16, El Padrino) Home by Seven (Dublin) African Song (Show Tune) Chart
3ª 13:49 1200 clmClm 3a+ Arrecife (14, Majestic Warrior) Your Awesome Boss (Street Boss) My Danzig Partner (Partner's Hero) Chart
4ª 14:16 1500 strStr h3a+ Sweet Turn (14, Orientate) Scatnap (Scat Daddy) Wings of Fury (Istan) Chart
5ª 14:43 1300 strStr 3a+ Factor This In (14, The Factor) Fire Mission (Wildcat Heir) Owin I Am (Jump Start) Chart
6ª 15:10 1700 clmClm h3a+ Galileo's Affair (15, Treasure Beach) Jumpin Jett (Yes It's True) Driven by Speed (Overdriven) Chart
7ª 15:37 1500 strStr 3a+g Koan (14, Zensational) Weather Wiz (Tiznow) Haz a Notion (Great Notion) Chart
8ª 16:04 1700 alwAlw 3a+ Irish Cork (17, Flat Out) Mr Thrifty (Poseidon's Warrior) Quality Choice (Quality Road) Chart
9ª 16:31 1300 aocAoc 3a+ Admiral Abe (16, Midshipman) Spirit Special (Ghostzapper) D T Goodie (Jump Start)