Day Nº32 Valparaiso Sporting , miércoles 16 de septiembre 2020

Shift Director: Sr. Mauricio Maurel Tassara
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1ª 13:00 1000 hdHd 3a+ Anfion (14, Scat Daddy) Patty Zafira (Monthir) Kitten War (Kitten's Joy) Chart
2ª 13:28 1100 cdCd m4a+p Machiavello (16, Gemologist) Tio Peppe (Viscount Nelson) Drakenberg (Lookin At Lucky) Chart
3ª 13:56 1000 hdHd 3a+ Andriu (14, Dylan Thomas) Para Hoy (No Nay Never) Tashkent (Last Best Place) Chart
4ª 14:24 1200 hdHd 3a+ Fly Moon (14, Passion for Gold) Alma De Soldado (Soldier Of Fortune) Leafpad (Easing Along) Chart
5ª 14:52 1100 cdCd h4ap Dont Be Shy (16, Gemologist) Cat Lady (Cat Scan) Nunca Esta (Irish Brother) Chart
6ª 15:20 1100 hdHd 3a+ Al Hakam (12, Last Best Place) Joipur (Seeking The Dia) Brandenburg (Bluegrass Cat) Chart
7ª 15:48 1100 hdHd 3a+ Lucky Kan (13, Lookin At Lucky) El Poroto Verde (Tumblebrutus) Bad Congress (Aragorn) Chart
8ª 16:16 1000 cdCd 3ap Don Celindo (17, Tumblebrutus) Macizo Paine (Over The Cliff) Champ De Ble (Court Vision) Chart
9ª 16:44 1300 clCl h3a+ Monopolista (16, War Command) Appolonia (Bad Daddy) Niña Del Sur (Total Impact) Chart
10ª 17:12 1100 hdHd 3a+ Absheron (16, Wildcat Spirit) Angel Guimera (Grand Daddy) Bok Choi (Tumblebrutus) Chart
11ª 17:40 1200 hdHd 3a+ Van Court (15, Court Vision) Zoondercak (Breathless Storm) Che Andina (Cima De Triomphe) Chart
12ª 18:08 1000 hdHd 3a+ Fiesta Patria (16, Irish Brother) Casablanca Warrior (Aragorn) Moito Gustoso (Aragorn) Chart
13ª 18:36 1100 hdHd 3a+ Lukaku (16, Cat Scan) Truce (No Nay Never) Cara De Bueno (Cat Scan) Chart
14ª 19:04 1100 hdHd 3a+ Red Play (12, Red Rocks) Rincon Escondido (Grand Daddy) Chewbacca (Stay Thirsty) Chart
15ª 19:32 1200 hdHd 3a+ Torito De Pucara (15, Distorted Economy) Salto Del Huaso (Gstaad II) El Yunque (Viscount Nelson) Chart
16ª 20:00 1100 hdHd 3a+ Lucy In The Sky (15, Court Vision) Luca Brasi (Ecliptic) Valponi (Magnifi Cat) Chart
17ª 20:30 1100 hdHd 3a+ War Mican (16, War Command) Celtic Dance (Passion for Gold) Vamos A Primera (Awesome Patriot) Chart
18ª 21:00 1100 hdHd 3a+ Roman War (16, War Command) Es Reguleque (Tumblebrutus) Grand Lady (Ascot Prince) Chart
Total Found: 18

Day Nº260 Albuquerque , miércoles 16 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 13:30 1100 mswMsw 2ap Champ Spirit (18, Shame On Charlie) Postmanfourtyeight (Quinton's Gold) Smooth Blues (Monterey Jazz) Chart
2ª 13:55 1600 mswMsw 3a+p Masterclass (17, Finale) Pop Quiz (The Brain) Time to Rumble (Spinning Touch) Chart
3ª 14:20 1200 clmClm h3a+ Pink Sky (15, Red Sky Dubai) Movin' On Bye (Mr. Gold Mover) Wages (Attila's Storm) Chart
4ª 14:45 1000 clmClm 3a+ Passing (16, Cross Traffic) R H Express (So Long Birdie) Oil (Tribal Rule) Chart
5ª 15:10 1300 mclMcl h3a+p Hot Lil Mess (17, Raison d'Etat) Red Cloud Express (Indy Express) Prosser's Kitten (Kitten's Joy) Chart
6ª 15:35 1300 clmClm h3a+ Dansmetothendoflov (17, Paynter) Moms Favorite (Contreve) Invodkawetrust (Trappe Shot) Chart
7ª 16:00 1300 clmClm h3a+g I'm a Dancin Who (14, Indian Firewater) Princess Jada (Northern Causeway) Storm Shaker (Attila's Storm) Chart
8ª 16:25 1000 socSoc h3a+ Toreno (15, Macho Uno) Mindofmyown (Diligent Prospect) My Crafty Gal (Top Hit) Chart
9ª 16:50 1100 alwAlw 3a+g Hold Me Only (16, Quinton's Gold) Pulpits Fox (Vulcan's Pulpit) Slewacide Squad (Slew's Pot of Gold) Chart
10ª 17:15 1300 clmClm 3a+g Golly Gee (12, Your Eminence) Jonesey Who (Quinton's Gold) Hunter Rocks (Attila's Storm) Chart
Total Found: 10

Day Nº260 Belterra Park , miércoles 16 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 12:35 1600 clmClm 3a+g Flat Out Fast (15, Flat Out) Hondo Gusto (J P'S Gusto) Emperor's Gold (Soaring Empire) Chart
2ª 13:04 1200 clmClm 3a+g Right the Wrong (16, Artie Schiller) Cazman (Gone Astray) Raf (Shackleford) Chart
3ª 13:33 1600 clmClm h3a+ Mi Chachis Intenta (17, Paynter) Her Gold Mine (Discreetly Mine) Dixie Moll (Blame) Chart
4ª 14:02 1700 clmClm 3a+ Congruity (15, Graydar) Paltarrevenge (Milwaukee Brew) Circle Away (Circular Quay) Chart
5ª 14:31 1700 clmClm 3a+ Geh Schnell (13, Silver Tree) All Hands On Deck (Cape Blanco) Determinator (Boastful) Chart
6ª 15:00 1200 alwAlw 3a+g Rosco P. Coltrane (15, Flagship) Da Dude (Big Atlantic) Romantic Cowboy (Cowtown Cat) Chart
7ª 15:29 1200 clmClm h3a+ My Pink Baby Bird (17, Birdstone) Miss Treated Star (Bold Warrior) Carly's Flight (Carnacks Choice) Chart
8ª 15:58 1000 mclMcl 3a+p Ugly Duckling (17, Black Onyx) Tiz Deja Blue (Tizdejavu) Line of Gold (Line of David) Chart
Total Found: 8

Day Nº260 Canterbury Park , miércoles 16 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 16:05 1700 clmClm 3a+g Sierra Hotel (16, Big Brown) Big Falcon Rocket (Graydar) Whata Perfect Day (Blame) Chart
2ª 16:35 1700 clmClm h3a+ Raging Gold Digger (15, English Channel) Carriage (Ford Every Stream) Silvera (Silver Tree) Chart
3ª 17:05 1200 mswMsw h2ap Stone Arch Bridge (18, Law Enforcement) Church Service (Creative Cause) Tuffenoughtostart (Upstart) Chart
4ª 17:35 1500 aocAoc 3a+ Cinco Star (15, Three Hour Nap) Tin Badge (The Deputy) Skippy's Strike (Added Edge) Chart
5ª 18:05 1100 mswMsw 2ap Midnight Current (18, Midnight Lute) Runaway Ready (Cross Traffic) Gabriel's Legend (Timber Legend) Chart
6ª 18:35 1700 clmClm h3a+g Rental Pool (17, Dialed In) Shabam (Kela) Mizzanna (Mizzen Mast) Chart
7ª 19:05 1000 mswMsw h3a+p Screamin' By (17, Speightstown) Turquoise Trail (Jersey Town) Sarjenalli (Tiznow) Chart
8ª 19:35 1200 mswMsw 3a+p Bandurria (17, Kirkendahl) Mr. D's Legend (Timber Legend) J J's Wildcat (Westover Wildcat) Chart
9ª 20:05 1200 clmClm 3a+ May We All (16, Kela) Creative Art (Shore Breeze) Mines Made Up (Mineshaft) Chart
Total Found: 9

Day Nº260 Delaware Park , miércoles 16 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 13:15 1700 clmClm 3a+ Hero's Hope (15, Hero of Order) Day (Broken Vow) Stolen Love (Not for love) Chart
2ª 13:45 1200 alwAlw 3a+g Press My Bets (16, Uncaptured) Annamated Moon (Fast Anna) Nothing Better (Munnings) Chart
3ª 14:15 1200 aocAoc h3a+ Caught Up in You (16, Fort Larned) Deco Strong (Strong Mandate) Corn Off the Cob (Kettle Corn) Chart
4ª 14:45 1000 alwAlw h3a+g Sethamee Street (16, Street Sense) Blues Mary (Exchange Rate) Glittering Judy (Kantharos) Chart
5ª 15:15 1600 wmcWmc h2ap Coffee Buzz Buzz (18, Ghostzapper) Lucky Lorraine (Super Saver) Downtown Katie (Seville) Chart
6ª 15:45 1100 clmClm h3a+g Grey Manners (15, The Lumber Guy) Revolving Love (Revolving) Smarty Cat (Overanalyze) Chart
7ª 16:15 1000 wclWcl 3a+g Golden Can (17, Golden Lad) What's to Blame (Blame) Belmullet (City Zip) Chart
8ª 16:45 1200 mclMcl 3a+p Spinster Road (16, Bellamy Road) David's Prospec (Colonel John) Valley Cal (Cal Nation) Chart
Total Found: 8

Day Nº260 Finger Lakes , miércoles 16 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 13:10 1650 mclMcl 3a+p Lastlookatthecat (17, Big Brown) Beach Pass (Stephanoatsee) Highest Rank (Courageous Cat) Chart
2ª 13:37 1200 clmClm h3a+g Fun and Games (15, Rattlesnake Bridge) Party At Salt Lake (Desert Party) Moment of Triumph (Include) Chart
3ª 14:04 1100 alwAlw h3a+g Grudge (17, Palace Malice) Miss Charisma (Munnings) Steal My Heart (Big Brown) Chart
4ª 14:31 1700 alwAlw 3a+ Kampai (17, Central Banker) Desert Lights (Desert Party) Gold Cross (Super Saver) Chart
5ª 14:58 1100 alwAlw 3a+ Oh My Papa (16, Discreet Cat) It's Hot Out (Bluegrass Cat) San Juan Diego (Heavy Breathing) Chart
6ª 15:25 1600 mswMsw 3a+p J Fich (17, Bellamy Road) Lightning Rob (Bayern) Oliver Witha Twist (Emcee) Chart
7ª 15:52 1600 mswMsw 3a+p Honorable Avenue (17, Honorable Dillon) Height (Union Rags) Lorenzen (Flatter) Chart
8ª 16:19 1200 mclMcl h3a+p Lovely Escort (15, Here Comes Ben) Truly Funny (Yes It's True) Miss Ross (Bob And John) Chart
Total Found: 8

Day Nº260 Indiana Grand Race Course , miércoles 16 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 14:20 1200 clmClm h3a+g Abby's Destiny (16, Haynesfield) Weightlessness (Super Saver) Backseat Promises (Even The Score) Chart
2ª 14:48 1700 mclMcl 3a+p Heza Mischief (17, Artemus Sunrise) Chuy (Lantana Mob) It's the Sunrise (Z Lucky) Chart
3ª 15:16 1700 mswMsw h3a+p Prescience (16, Silver Mountain) Little Maemi (Unbridled Express) Naughty Justice (Elusive Bluff) Chart
4ª 15:44 1500 mclMcl 3a+p Wilshire Diamond (17, First Dude) Relmbunkus Syr (Archarcharch) Perfect Seeker (Perfect Soul) Chart
5ª 16:12 1600 aocAoc h3a+ The Beauty's Tale (16, Tale of Ekati) Kynance (Canford Cliffs) Complete (Include) Chart
6ª 16:40 1200 strStr 3a+ Tale of Fame (15, Caleb's Posse) Dilettante (Unbridled's Song) Ace Destroyer (Country Day) Chart
7ª 17:08 1700 clCl h3a+ Expect Indy (13, Mr. Mabee) Unbridled Class (Unbridled Express) Pretty Assets (Caiman) Chart
8ª 17:36 1700 clCl 3a+ Unbridled Beast (17, Unbridled Express) Operation Stevie (Lantana Mob) Stop Hammertime (Domestic Dispute) Chart
9ª 18:04 1500 clmClm 3a+g Breakers Point (15, Point of Entry) Unbridled Rebel (Unbridled's Song) Itasca (Run Away And Hide) Chart
Total Found: 9

Day Nº260 Kentucky downs , miércoles 16 de septiembre 2020

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1ª 12:15 1600 mswMsw 2ap Spyglass (18, Tapit) Conquest Rainycity (Kitten's Joy) Hard Rye Guy (Hard Spun) Chart
2ª 12:47 2400 strStr 3a+ Celerity (15, City Zip) High Noon Rider (Distorted Humor) Queens Empire (Empire Maker) Chart
3ª 13:19 1300 mswMsw 2ap Sir Roberto (18, Temple City) Tiz Splendid News (Maclean's Music) Blushinstreetdevil (Street Boss) Chart
4ª 13:51 1300 alwAlw 3a+g Born Great (16, Scat Daddy) Cable Channel (English Channel) Caramelito (Medaglia D'Oro) Chart
5ª 14:23 1300 mswMsw 2ap Next (18, Not This Time) Rockstar Ro (Gemologist) Hard Knocking (Noble Mission) Chart
6ª 14:55 1300 strStr h3a+ Jakarta