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HCHHCH 25/09/21 ClCd 1000m h3a+ Entries
HCHHCH 25/09/21 11ª ClCd 1000m m3a Entries
LPLP 25/09/21 L 2200m 4a+g Entries
LPLP 25/09/21 G2 2000m 3a Entries
TARTAR 25/09/21 L 1800m h3a+ Entries
TARTAR 25/09/21 L 1200m 3a+ Entries
TARTAR 25/09/21 L 1600m 3a+ Entries
TARTAR 25/09/21 G3 2000m 3a+ Entries
BELBEL 25/09/21 G2 1600m 3a+ Entries
BELBEL 25/09/21 10ª G3 1800m h3a+ Entries
CDCD 25/09/21 G3 1400m h3a Entries
CDCD 25/09/21 1900m 3a Entries
CDCD 25/09/21 10ª 1400m 3a Entries
DELDEL 25/09/21 1100m h2a Entries
DELDEL 25/09/21 1200m h3a+ Entries
DELDEL 25/09/21 1100m 2a Entries
DELDEL 25/09/21 1700m 3a+ Entries
DELDEL 25/09/21 1200m 3a+ Entries
DELDEL 25/09/21 1700m h3a+ Entries
GPGP 25/09/21 1000m 2a Entries
GPGP 25/09/21 1600m 3a+ Entries
GPGP 25/09/21 1700m h2a Entries
GPGP 25/09/21 11ª 1700m m2a Entries
MTHMTH 25/09/21 1700m h3a+ Entries
PRXPRX 25/09/21 1700m h3a+ Entries
PRXPRX 25/09/21 1600m 3a+ Entries
PRXPRX 25/09/21 G3 2400m 3a+ Entries
PRXPRX 25/09/21 G3 1000m 3a+ Entries
PRXPRX 25/09/21 10ª G2 1200m 3a Entries
PRXPRX 25/09/21 11ª G1 1700m h3a Entries
PRXPRX 25/09/21 12ª G1 1800m 3a Entries
PRXPRX 25/09/21 13ª 1700m 3a+ Entries
PODPOD 25/09/21 1300m 3a+ Entries
PRMPRM 25/09/21 1200m h2a Entries
PRMPRM 25/09/21 1200m m2a Entries
PRMPRM 25/09/21 1700m h3a Entries
PRMPRM 25/09/21 1700m m3a Entries
PRMPRM 25/09/21 1200m 3a+ Entries
PRMPRM 25/09/21 10ª 1700m h4a+ Entries
PRMPRM 25/09/21 11ª 1700m m4a+ Entries
WOWO 25/09/21 1400m h3a Entries
WOWO 25/09/21 G3 1300m 3a+ Entries
MONTMONT 25/09/21 1300m 3a+ Entries
LAMLAM 25/09/21 G2 1200m 3a+ Entries
LAMLAM 25/09/21 G1 1800m h3a+ Entries
LAMLAM 25/09/21 10ª G1 1900m 3a+ Entries
PCAPCA 25/09/21 2000m 3a+ Entries
PALPAL 26/09/21 11ª G3 2000m 4a+ Entries
GAVGAV 26/09/21 1500m 3a+ Entries
BELBEL 26/09/21 1400m 2a Entries
BELBEL 26/09/21 G2 1300m h3a+ Entries
EMDEMD 26/09/21 1700m 3a+ Entries
EMDEMD 26/09/21 1700m h3a+ Entries
EMDEMD 26/09/21 1700m 2a Entries
LRCLRC 26/09/21 1100m 2a Entries
MTHMTH 26/09/21 1200m 2a Entries
MTHMTH 26/09/21 11ª 1600m 2a Entries
RPRP 26/09/21 1200m 2a Entries
RPRP 26/09/21 1300m h2a Entries
RPRP 26/09/21 1200m h3a+ Entries
RPRP 26/09/21 G3 1700m h3a Entries
RPRP 26/09/21 1700m h3a+ Entries
RPRP 26/09/21 10ª 1200m 3a+ Entries
RPRP 26/09/21 11ª G3 1800m 3a Entries
RPRP 26/09/21 12ª 1800m 3a+ Entries
LBGLBG 26/09/21 1100m 2a Entries
LBGLBG 26/09/21 1100m h3a+ Entries
LBGLBG 26/09/21 1200m h3a Entries
LBGLBG 26/09/21 1400m 3a Entries
LBGLBG 26/09/21 1400m h3a+ Entries
LBGLBG 26/09/21 1100m 3a+ Entries
LBGLBG 26/09/21 1700m 3a+ Entries
MONTMONT 26/09/21 G3 1600m 3a+ Entries
MARMAR 26/09/21 2000m h3a+ Entries
CHSCHS 27/09/21 PR 1800m h3a+ Entries
PALPAL 27/09/21 12ª L 1400m h3a Entries
VSCVSC 29/09/21 10ª ClCd 1200m 3ag Entries
CHCCHC 30/09/21 ClCd 1500m h3a Entries
Total Found: 78

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GAV 12/09/21 Duque De Caxias Cl G2G2 h3a+ 1600 Casa Blanca (17, Roman Ruler) Ginger Touch (Midshipman) Chart
ALB 12/09/21 O.D. McDonald S. Cl 3a+ 1400 Shining Source (11, Source) Jet N G (Mr. Trieste) Chart
EMD 12/09/21 WA Cup Juvenile Filly S Cl h2a 1300 Koron (19, Nationhood) Let It Reign (Run Away And Hide) Chart
EMD 12/09/21 WA Cup Juvenile Colts a Cl m2a 1300 Cobra Jet (19, Curlin to Mischief) Diamond Willow (Coast Guard) Chart
KD 12/09/21 Ainsworth S. Cl h2a 1300 Koala Princess (19, More Than Ready) Mystic Eyes (Maclean's Music) Chart
KD 12/09/21 Nelson's Green Brier Wh Cl h3a 1300 Tobys Heart (18, Jack Milton) Alwayz Late (Animal Kingdom) Chart
KD 12/09/21 Kentucky Downs Ladies M Cl h3a+ 2100 Family Way (17, Uncle Mo) La Lune (Champs Elysees) Chart
LRC 12/09/21 E.B. Johnston S. Cl 3a+ 1600 Loud Mouth (16, Boisterous) Peaceful Transfer (Ministers Wild Cat) Chart
WO 12/09/21 Toronto Cup S. Cl 3a 1600 War Bomber (18, War Front) Artie's Storm (We Miss Artie) Chart
WO 12/09/21 Belle Mahone S. Cl h3a+ 1700 Skygaze (17, American Pharoah) Crystal Glacier (Curlin) Chart
MONT 12/09/21 República Federativa De Cl LL 3a+ 1000 Iluminato (14, Awesome Twist) Parc (Meal Penalty) Chart
MONT 12/09/21 Claudio Fernández Conch Cl G3G3 m3a 1600 El Inquebrantable (18, Badge of Silver) The Best Rimout (Remote) Chart
MONT 12/09/21 Polla De Potrillos - Ro Cl G1G1 m3a 1600 Super Nao (18, Super Saver) Eliitas (Catcher in the Rye) Chart
MAR 12/09/21 José P. De Giuli Y Roge Cl 3a+ 1000 Socrates (17, Honour and Glory) Mango Jangle (Cape Town) Chart
RIN 12/09/21 XVIII Clásico Millard Z Cl G2G2 3a 1800 Sandovalera (18, King Seraf) Max Security (Yesbyjimminy) Chart
Total Found: 15