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PALPAL 27/09/21 12ª L 1400m h3a Entries
FLFL 27/09/21 1200m 2a Entries
FLFL 27/09/21 1200m h2a Entries
PIDPID 27/09/21 1700m 3a+ Entries
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Last Results Stakes
VSC 01/08/21 Guaton Pobre Cl CHCH 3a+ 1400 Free Mandate (16, Strong Mandate) Sueño Chilote (Court Vision) Chart
DMR 01/08/21 Clement L. Hirsch S. Cl G1G1 h3a+ 1700 Shedaresthedevil (17, Daredevil) Venetian Harbor (Munnings) Chart
GF 01/08/21 Great Falls Turf Club S Cl 3a+ 1400 Classic Champ (16, Champ Pegasus) True West (Langfuhr) Chart
MTH 01/08/21 Colleen S. Cl h2a 1000 Miss Alacrity (19, Munnings) Sail By (Astern) Chart
FAR 01/08/21 Thoroughbred Ladies S. Cl h3a+ 1000 Flan (15, Flatter) Herecitykitty (City Wolf) Chart
FAR 01/08/21 NDTA Stallion Stakes De Cl 3a 1600 Bonnie And (18, Bay of Biscay) Pashtunwali (Bay of Biscay) Chart
FAR 01/08/21 Thoroughbred Red River Cl 3a+ 1000 Young Phillip (16, Gemologist) All Shacked Up (Shackleford) Chart
FAR 01/08/21 NDTA Dave Gourneau Memo Cl 3a+ 1400 Burgameister (14, Bodemeister) Drizzy (English Channel) Chart
RUI 01/08/21 Lincoln S. Cl h3a+ 1100 Flight Song (16, Attila's Storm) Let It Roll (Roll Hennessy Roll) Chart
RUI 01/08/21 Road Runner S. Cl m3a 1100 Izeright (18, Right Rigger) Awesome Storm (Awesome Indian) Chart
SAR 01/08/21 Amsterdam S. Cl G2G2 3a 1300 Jackie's Warrior (18, Maclean's Music) Drain the Clock (Maclean's Music) Chart
CTM 01/08/21 Count Lathum H. Cl 3a 1600 Tony's Tapit (18, Tonalist) Bodemonster (Bodemeister) Chart
CTM 01/08/21 Sonoma H. Cl h3a 1600 Sheltered Bay (18, Gemologist) She Likes to Party (Maclean's Music) Chart
GPR 01/08/21 Distaff Series S. Cl h3a+ 1200 Sterling Aly (15, Gold Aly) Causin Mischief (Lotsa Mischief) Chart
GPR 01/08/21 Sprint Series S. Cl 3a+ 1200 Let the Boy Sing (13, Grand Minstrel) Carlot Cowboy (Silver Train) Chart
WO 01/08/21 Plate Trial S. Cl 3a 1800 Avoman (18, Old Forester) H C Holiday (Ami's Holiday) Chart
WO 01/08/21 Vigil S. Cl G3G3 4a+ 1200 Souper Stonehenge (16, Speightstown) Pink Lloyd (Old Forester) Chart
WO 01/08/21 Woodbine Oaks Presented Cl h3a 1800 Munnyfor Ro (18, Munnings) Emmeline (Violence) Chart
WO 01/08/21 Royal North S. Cl G2G2 h4a+ 1200 Amalfi Coast (16, Tapizar) Jeanie B (Bated Breath) Chart
MONT 01/08/21 República De Colombia Cl h3a+ 1200 Reina Del Mambo (17, Kung Fu Mambo) Isadora Duncan (Kung Fu Mambo) Chart
MAR 01/08/21 Zelmar Michelini Cl G3G3 3a+ 1500 Gaúcho (15, Put it Back) Osoja (Arambare) Chart
MAR 01/08/21 Eduardo Vargas Y Eduard Cl LL h3a+ 1600 Onthefield (17, T. H. Approval) Dulce Brujita (Storm Embrujado) Chart
MAR 01/08/21 Asamblea De La Florida Cl G3G3 3a+ 2200 Athelsta (17, Midas Touch) El Curato (Ioya Bigtime) Chart
Total Found: 23