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FLFL 27/09/21 1200m h2a Entries
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HCH 31/07/21 Liberty Cl ClCdClCd m3a 1200 Monchitocrack (18, Grand Daddy) Hernest (Ernest Hemingway) Chart
HCH 31/07/21 La Sexta Cl ClCdClCd h3a 1200 Siente Alegria (18, Gemologist) La Mascarilla (Tourist) Chart
PAL 31/07/21 Miguel Cane Cl G2G2 m3a 1600 Irwin (18, Seek Again) Storefront (Fortify) Chart
PAL 31/07/21 Gral. Luis Maria Campos Cl G2G2 h3a 1600 Ciudad De La Furia (18, Equal Stripes) Super Zan (Super Saver) Chart
DMR 31/07/21 Bing Crosby S. Cl G1G1 3a+ 1200 Dr. Schivel (18, Violence) Eight Rings (Empire Maker) Chart
GP 31/07/21 FTBOA Florida Sire Dese Cl h2a 1200 My Sassenach (19, Uncaptured) Demurely (Uncaptured) Chart
GP 31/07/21 FTBOA Florida Sire Dr. Cl m2a 1200 Cajun's Magic (19, Cajun Breeze) Dean Delivers (Cajun Breeze) Chart
MTH 31/07/21 Tale of the Cat S. Cl 3a 1700 Founder (18, Upstart) It Can Be Done (Temple City) Chart
MTH 31/07/21 Monmouth Oaks Cl G3G3 h3a 1700 Leader of the Band (18, Bandbox) Edie Meeny Miny Mo (Upstart) Chart
FAR 31/07/21 North Dakota Thoroughbr Cl 2a 1100 Eli's Fire (19, Royal Challenger) Boogie Bug (Miles Heir) Chart
FAR 31/07/21 North Dakota Thoroughbr Cl 4a+ 1600 Big Ender (17, King Cha Cha) Mayday Payday (Bay of Biscay) Chart
PIM 31/07/21 Alma North S. Cl h3a+ 1200 Hello Beautiful (17, Golden Lad) Call On Mischief (Into Mischief) Chart
PIM 31/07/21 Deputed Testamony S. Cl 3a+ 1800 Harpers First Ride (16, Paynter) Magic Michael (Dramedy) Chart
PIM 31/07/21 Challedon S. Cl 3a+ 1200 Mucho (16, Blame) Lebda (Raison d'Etat) Chart
RUI 31/07/21 Sierra Starlet H. Cl h3a 1100 Slammed (18, Marking) Proofsinthepuddin (Marking) Chart
RUI 31/07/21 Sierra Blanca S. Cl 3a+ 1100 Hollywood Henry (15, Roll Hennessy Roll) Courage N Order (Western Gambler) Chart
RUI 31/07/21 Land of Enchantment S. Cl 3a+ 1500 Ancient Land (17, Monterey Jazz) Thunder Dome (Dome) Chart
SAR 31/07/21 Alfred G. Vanderbilt H. Cl G1G1 3a+ 1200 Lexitonian (16, Speightstown) Special Reserve (Midshipman) Chart
SAR 31/07/21 Jim Dandy S. Cl G2G2 3a 1800 Essential Quality (18, Tapit) Keepmeinmind (Laoban) Chart
SAR 31/07/21 Bowling Green S. Cl G2G2 4a+ 2200 Cross Border (14, English Channel) Rockemperor (Holy Roman Emperor) Chart
WO 31/07/21 Alywow S. Cl h3a 1300 Lady War Machine (18, Street Boss) Honey Pants (Cairo Prince) Chart
WO 31/07/21 My Dear S. Cl h2a 1100 Diabolic (19, Dark Angel) Curlin Candy (Curlin) Chart
WO 31/07/21 Victoria S. Cl 2a 1100 One Timer (19, Trappe Shot) Twenty Four Mamba (Classic Empire) Chart
MONT 31/07/21 Fiestas Patrias Cl 3a+ 1200 Titanica (15, Meal Penalty) Warrior Heart (Lord Justice) Chart
PCA 31/07/21 Legal Light Trophy Cl G1G1 3a+ 1800 Crimson (16, Nuclear Wayne) Hover Craft (He'stherealthing) Chart
Total Found: 25