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CHSCHS 30/07/21 CH 2000m 3a+ Entries
CHSCHS 30/07/21 12ª CH 1400m 3a+ Entries
SISI 30/07/21 G3 1600m h4a+ Entries
DMRDMR 30/07/21 1400m 3a Entries
SARSAR 30/07/21 1800m 3a Entries
HCHHCH 31/07/21 ClCd 1200m m3a Entries
HCHHCH 31/07/21 12ª ClCd 1200m h3a Entries
PALPAL 31/07/21 11ª G2 1600m m3a Entries
PALPAL 31/07/21 13ª G2 1600m h3a Entries
GPGP 31/07/21 10ª 1200m h2a Entries
GPGP 31/07/21 12ª 1200m m2a Entries
MTHMTH 31/07/21 1700m 3a Entries
MTHMTH 31/07/21 10ª G3 1700m h3a Entries
PIMPIM 31/07/21 1200m h3a+ Entries
PIMPIM 31/07/21 1800m 3a+ Entries
PIMPIM 31/07/21 1200m 3a+ Entries
RUIRUI 31/07/21 1100m Entries
RUIRUI 31/07/21 1100m h3a Entries
RUIRUI 31/07/21 1100m 3a+ Entries
RUIRUI 31/07/21 11ª 1500m 3a+ Entries
SARSAR 31/07/21 G1 1200m 3a+ Entries
SARSAR 31/07/21 G2 1800m 3a Entries
SARSAR 31/07/21 10ª G2 2200m 4a+ Entries
WOWO 31/07/21 1300m h3a Entries
WOWO 31/07/21 1100m h2a Entries
WOWO 31/07/21 1100m 2a Entries
MONTMONT 31/07/21 1200m 3a+ Entries
PCAPCA 31/07/21 G1 1800m 3a+ Entries
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UN 13/06/21 EOLS O.T.O.B.A. S. Cl 3a+ 1000 Azee Rules (16, Papa Clem) Baja Babe (Entrapment) Chart
LS 13/06/21 Texas Horse Racing Hall Cl 3a+ 1700 Sunlit Song (15, My Golden Song) Moojab Jr (Moojab) Chart
LS 13/06/21 Texas Stallion Staunch Cl m2a 1000 Tengo Mis Papeles (19, My Golden Song) Pickingupstrangers (Too Much Bling) Chart
LS 13/06/21 Lane's End Danny Shiffl Cl h3a+ 1500 Boerne (17, Fed Biz) Zarelda (My Golden Song) Chart
LS 13/06/21 Texas Stallion Pan Zare Cl h2a 1000 Eagle Express (19, Eagle) Its a Gee Thing (Early Flyer) Chart
LS 13/06/21 Wayne Hanks Memorial S. Cl 3a+ 1300 Direct Dial (15, Too Much Bling) Mr Money Bags (Silver City) Chart
MTH 13/06/21 Pegasus S. Cl 3a 1700 Mandaloun (18, Into Mischief) Weyburn (Pioneerof the Nile) Chart
PIM 13/06/21 Searching S. Cl h3a+ 2400 Blame Debbie (17, Blame) Luck Money (Lookin At Lucky) Chart
PIM 13/06/21 Ben's Cat S. Cl 3a+ 1000 Valued Notion (17, Great Notion) Air Token (Golden Lad) Chart
PIM 13/06/21 Prince George's County Cl 3a+ 1800 Pixelate (17, City Zip) Logical Myth (Data Link) Chart
PIM 13/06/21 Shine Again S. Cl h3a+ 1200 Chub Wagon (17, Hey Chub) Hello Beautiful (Golden Lad) Chart
PIM 13/06/21 Stormy Blues S. Cl h3a 1000 Street Lute (18, Street Magician) Malibu Beauty (Buffum) Chart
SA 13/06/21 Possibly Perfect S. Cl h3a+ 2000 Rideforthecause (16, Candy Ride) Dogtag (War Front) Chart
SA 13/06/21 Affirmed S. Cl G3G3 3a 1700 The Chosen Vron (18, Vronsky) Defunded (Dialed In) Chart
MAR 13/06/21 Pedro Indart Denis Cl h3a+ 1200 Rainha Pioneira (14, Pioneering) Lisarb (Wild Event) Chart
CMR 13/06/21 Nativos Cuatro H. Cl G2G2 4a+ 1800 Presencial (17, Tawqeet) El Salsero (Two Step Salsa) Chart
Total Found: 16