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CHSCHS 21/06/21 13ª G2 2000m h3a+ Entries
PALPAL 21/06/21 G2 2500m 3a+ Entries
PALPAL 21/06/21 13ª 1200m 4a+ Entries
ASDASD 21/06/21 1200m 3a Entries
LPLP 22/06/21 G2 1200m 3a+g Entries
AZDAZD 22/06/21 1200m m3a Entries
GRPGRP 22/06/21 1300m 3a+ Entries
PRXPRX 22/06/21 1700m 3a Entries
PRXPRX 22/06/21 1000m h3a+ Entries
VSCVSC 23/06/21 CH 1200m 3a+ Entries
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VSC 06/06/21 En Guerra Cl CHCH 3a+ 1000 Hayabusa (13, Aragorn) Irish Rules (Irish Brother) Chart
GAV 06/06/21 Jockey Club Brasileiro Cl G1G1 2a 1600 Orfeu Negro (18, Agnes Gold) Iene Fortune (Goldikovic) Chart
BEL 06/06/21 Jersey Girl S. Cl h3a 1200 Australasia (18, Sky Kingdom) Bella Sofia (Awesome Patriot) Chart
CPW 06/06/21 Chippewa Downs Thorough Cl 3a+ 1300 My Father's Eyes (17, Forty Tales) Rulethenight (Native Ruler) Chart
CPW 06/06/21 Chippewa Downs Speed S. Cl h3a+ 900 Bluegrass Soul (12, Bluegrass Cat) Papa's Isla Doll (Kela) Chart
CPW 06/06/21 Chippewa Downs Thorough Cl 3a 1100 Heavenly Wild (18, Tales of the Wild) Pashtunwali (Bay of Biscay) Chart
MTH 06/06/21 Lady's Secret S. Cl h3a+ 1700 Altaf (17, Medaglia D'Oro) Gibberish (Lea) Chart
SA 06/06/21 Desert Code S. Cl 3a 1200 Whatmakessammyrun (18, We Miss Artie) Mohawk King (Siyouni) Chart
MAR 06/06/21 Campeones Juvenile Cl 2a 1000 Girona Fever (18, Texas Fever) Dust Colt (Ecclesiastic) Chart
MAR 06/06/21 Campeones Juvenile Cl h2a 1400 Nopaya Naa (18, Trinniberg) Warm Punch (A Little Warm) Chart
MAR 06/06/21 Campeones Juvenile Cl m2a 1400 Pingo (18, T. H. Approval) Alan Music (Music Van) Chart
MAR 06/06/21 Campeones Mile Cl 3a+ 1600 Justice Cat (17, The Leopard) Sub Manner (Subordination) Chart
MAR 06/06/21 Campeones Classic Cl 3a+ 2000 Atletico El Culano (16, Alcorano) Mitterrand (Trinniberg) Chart
MAR 06/06/21 Campeones Distaff Cl h3a+ 1800 Tres Botas (17, Trinniberg) Queen Boudica (Ecclesiastic) Chart
MAR 06/06/21 Campeones Sprint Cl 3a+ 1200 Draco (17, Ecclesiastic) Ilustre Posse (Posse) Chart
RIN 06/06/21 I Clásico Bambera Cl G3G3 h4a+ 1800 Afrodita De Padua (16, Winstrella) Mamá Yeya (Twirling Candy) Chart
RIN 06/06/21 LXVII Clásico Ejercito Cl G2G2 4a+ 1600 El de Froix (17, King Seraf) The Brother Slew (Slew's Tizzy) Chart
CMR 06/06/21 2DA Pata Triple Corona Cl G1G1 3a 1800 Consolador (18, Console) Imparable (Hockenheim) Chart
Total Found: 18