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CHSCHS 21/06/21 13ª G2 2000m h3a+ Entries
PALPAL 21/06/21 G2 2500m 3a+ Entries
PALPAL 21/06/21 13ª 1200m 4a+ Entries
ASDASD 21/06/21 1200m 3a Entries
LPLP 22/06/21 G2 1200m 3a+g Entries
AZDAZD 22/06/21 1200m m3a Entries
GRPGRP 22/06/21 1300m 3a+ Entries
PRXPRX 22/06/21 1700m 3a Entries
PRXPRX 22/06/21 1000m h3a+ Entries
VSCVSC 23/06/21 CH 1200m 3a+ Entries
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Last Results Stakes
HCH 05/06/21 Gran Premio De Honor Cl G2G2 3a+ 2400 O'Connor (17, Boboman) Win Here (Breathless Storm) Chart
HCH 05/06/21 Camara Nacional De Come Cl ClCdClCd h2a 1200 Mi Cochita (18, Seeking The Dia) Lallybroch (Competitive Edge) Chart
CJ 05/06/21 Edmundo Pires De Olivei Cl LL h2a+ 1300 Ours (17, Setembro Chove) Once Upon a Time (Holding Glory) Chart
CJ 05/06/21 Candido Egydio De Souza Cl LL 3a+ 1800 Roxoterra (17, Gol Tricolor) Olympic Joseph (Agnes Gold) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Woody Stephens S. Prese Cl G1G1 3a 1400 Drain the Clock (18, Maclean's Music) Jackie's Warrior (Maclean's Music) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Brooklyn S. Presented b Cl G2G2 4a+ 2400 Lone Rock (15, Majestic Warrior) Tizamagician (Tiznow) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Acorn S. Cl G1G1 h3a 1600 Search Results (18, Flatter) Obligatory (Curlin) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Jackpocket Jaipur S. Cl G1G1 3a+ 1200 Casa Creed (16, Jimmy Creed) Chewing Gum (Candy Ride) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Ogden Phipps S. Cl G1G1 h4a+ 1700 Letruska (16, Super Saver) Bonny South (Munnings) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Longines Just a Game S. Cl G1G1 h4a+ 1600 Althiqa (17, Dark Angel) Summer Romance (Kingman) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Hill 'N' Dale Metropoli Cl G1G1 3a+ 1600 Silver State (17, Hard Spun) By My Standards (Goldencents) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Resorts World Casino Ma Cl G1G1 4a+ 2000 Domestic Spending (17, Kingman) Tribhuvan (Toronado) Chart
BEL 05/06/21 Belmont S. Presented by Cl G1G1 3a 2400 Essential Quality (18, Tapit) Hot Rod Charlie (Oxbow) Chart
CT 05/06/21 It's Only Money S. Cl 3a+ 900 Hypothesis (17, Algorithms) Sagebrush (Fiber Sonde) Chart
CD 05/06/21 Mighty Beau Overnight S Cl 3a+ 1000 Just Might (16, Justin Phillip) Classy John (Songandaprayer) Chart
EVD 05/06/21 Louisiana Legends Soire Cl h3a 1600 Winning Romance (18, First Samurai) Inawic (Wicked Strong) Chart
EVD 05/06/21 Louisiana Legends Cheva Cl 3a 1600 Chu Chu's Legacy (18, Bind) Wise Verdict (Court Vision) Chart
EVD 05/06/21 Louisiana Legends Sprin Cl 3a+ 1100 Bertie's Galaxy (16, Greeley's Galaxy) Wild Bert (Time Bandit) Chart
EVD 05/06/21 Louisiana Legends Turf Cl h3a+ 1600 Offspring (16, Into Mischief) Quikfast N Ahurry (Closing Argument) Chart
EVD 05/06/21 Louisiana Legends Madem Cl h3a+ 1100 Cilla (18, California Chrome) Snowball (Apriority) Chart
EVD 05/06/21 Louisiana Legends Turf Cl 3a+ 1700 Maga Man (15, Musket Man) Jax Man (Goldencents) Chart
GP 05/06/21 Game Face S. Cl h3a 1300 Shea D Summer (18, Summer Front) Competitive Speed (Competitive Edge) Chart
HPO 05/06/21 Who Doctor Who S. Cl 3a+ 1200 Ye Be Judged (17, Judge Bill) Bartenders Mistake (Cougar Cat) Chart
MTH 05/06/21 Monmouth S. Cl G3G3 3a+ 1800 Devamani (14, Dubawi) Winters Back (Summer Front) Chart
SA 05/06/21 Monrovia S. Cl G2G2 h3a+ 1300 Venetian Harbor (17, Munnings) Constantia (Munnings) Chart
MONT 05/06/21 Greek Prince Cl LL 3a+ 1000 Keaton (15, Meal Penalty) Ciclo de Vida (Song Cycle) Chart
MONT 05/06/21 Coronel Francisco Bolog Cl LL 3a+ 1800 Faenon (17, English Channel) Mazarin (Buenos Dias) Chart
MONT 05/06/21 Coronel Alfonso Ugarte Cl LL 3a+ 1600 Abdel Nazer (15, Minister's Joy) Drama Boy (Big Drama) Chart
PCA 05/06/21 Jamaica 1000 Guineas Cl G1G1 h3a 1600 She's a Wonder (18, Bern Identity) Amy The Butcher (Deputy Glitters) Chart
PCA 05/06/21 Jamaica 2000 Guineas Cl G1G1 m3a 1600 Miniature Man (18, Northern Giant) Nuclear Noon (Nuclear Wayne) Chart
Total Found: 30