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CHSCHS 07/05/21 PR 1000m 3a+ Entries
CHSCHS 07/05/21 L 1200m h2a Entries
PALPAL 07/05/21 10ª 1200m h4a+ Entries
TARTAR 07/05/21 L 1400m 2a Entries
HPOHPO 07/05/21 1200m 3a Entries
HCHHCH 08/05/21 G3 1500m m2a Entries
HCHHCH 08/05/21 G3 1500m h2a Entries
SISI 08/05/21 L 1800m 3a+ Entries
SISI 08/05/21 10ª G3 1400m h3a+ Entries
CJCJ 08/05/21 L 1600m h3a+ Entries
BELBEL 08/05/21 G3 1200m 4a+ Entries
BELBEL 08/05/21 G3 1700m h4a+ Entries
BELBEL 08/05/21 G3 1300m h4a+ Entries
BELBEL 08/05/21 G3 1800m 3a Entries
BELBEL 08/05/21 10ª G1 2200m 4a+ Entries
CTCT 08/05/21 900m 3a Entries
CDCD 08/05/21 10ª 1000m h3a Entries
GPGP 08/05/21 11ª 1700m 3a+ Entries
HPOHPO 08/05/21 1200m h3a Entries
SASA 08/05/21 G3 2400m h3a+ Entries
MONTMONT 08/05/21 1200m h3a+ Entries
MONTMONT 08/05/21 1600m h3a+ Entries
LAMLAM 08/05/21 11ª 1400m h3a+ Entries
PCAPCA 08/05/21 G2 1500m m3a+ Entries
VSCVSC 09/05/21 CH 1000m 3a+ Entries
GAVGAV 09/05/21 G2 1500m h2a Entries
GAVGAV 09/05/21 G2 1500m 2a Entries
MARMAR 09/05/21 L 1300m m2a Entries
CHSCHS 10/05/21 L 1200m m2a Entries
CHSCHS 10/05/21 13ª ClCd 1600m h3a+ Entries
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CHS 30/04/21 Carlos Cousiño S. Cl CHCH 3a+ 1800 El Mañio (16, Papelon) Mi Mandarina (Mastercraftsman) Chart
CHS 30/04/21 Alvaro Covarrubias P. Cl G3G3 m2a 1600 Royal Luck (18, Lookin At Lucky) Super Agent (Fortify) Chart
SI 30/04/21 Antartida Argentina Cl LL 2a 1200 Hit Empeñoso (18, Hit It A Bomb) Aistis Vitkauskas (Angiolo) Chart
BEL 30/04/21 Flat Out S. Cl 4a+ 2200 Musical Heart (15, Maclean's Music) Ajaaweed (Curlin) Chart
BEL 30/04/21 License Fee S. Cl h4a+ 1200 She's My Type (17, Dunkerque) Robin Sparkles (Elusive Quality) Chart
CD 30/04/21 Alysheba S. presented b Cl G2G2 4a+ 1700 Maxfield (17, Street Sense) Visitant (Ghostzapper) Chart
CD 30/04/21 Edgewood S. presented b Cl G2G2 h3a 1700 Gift List (18, Bated Breath) Barista (Medaglia D'Oro) Chart
CD 30/04/21 La Troienne S. presente Cl G1G1 h4a+ 1700 Shedaresthedevil (17, Daredevil) Envoutante (Uncle Mo) Chart
CD 30/04/21 Eight Belles S. present Cl G2G2 h3a 1400 Obligatory (18, Curlin) Dayoutoftheoffice (Into Mischief) Chart
CD 30/04/21 Twin Spires Turf Sprint Cl G2G2 3a+ 1100 Fast Boat (15, City Zip) Sombeyay (Into Mischief) Chart
CD 30/04/21 Longines Kentucky Oaks Cl G1G1 h3a 1800 Malathaat (18, Curlin) Search Results (Flatter) Chart
OP 30/04/21 Arkansas Breeders' Cham Cl 3a+ 1700 Tempt Fate (17, Hamazing Destiny) Man in the Can (Can the Man) Chart
Total Found: 12