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CHSCHS 23/11/20 13ª G3 1000m 3a+ Entries
PALPAL 23/11/20 1200m h4a+ Entries
MVRMVR 23/11/20 1200m 3a Entries
HCHHCH 24/11/20 CH 1200m 3a+ Entries
HCHHCH 24/11/20 11ª ClCd 1200m h3a+ Entries
DEDDED 24/11/20 1400m 3a+ Entries
VSCVSC 25/11/20 12ª CH 1200m 3a+ Entries
SISI 25/11/20 10ª L 1600m 3a+ Entries
PALPAL 26/11/20 L 2500m 4a+ Entries
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VSC 18/10/20 Gustavo Rivera Cl ClCdClCd 3ag 1500 Tata Brown (17, Constitution) Oriental Trigger (Cosmic Trigger) Chart
BEL 18/10/20 Knickerbocker S. Cl G2G2 3a+ 1800 Devamani (14, Dubawi) Olympico (Rajsaman) Chart
BEL 18/10/20 Hill Prince S. Cl G2G2 3a 1600 Get Smokin (17, Get Stormy) Decorated Invader (Declaration of War) Chart
KEE 18/10/20 Rood and Riddle Dowager Cl G3G3 h3a+ 2400 Blame Debbie (17, Blame) Always Shopping (Awesome Again) Chart
SA 18/10/20 Anoakia S. Cl h2a 1200 Kalypso (18, Brody's Cause) Queengol (Flashback) Chart
SA 18/10/20 Twilight Derby Cl G2G2 3a 1800 Smooth Like Strait (17, Midnight Lute) Scarto (Paynter) Chart
CTM 18/10/20 CTHS Sales Colts and Ge Cl m3-4a 1400 Solo Ring (16, Where's the Ring) Dune d'Oro (Atreides) Chart
WO 18/10/20 Northern Dancer Turf S. Cl G1G1 3a+ 2400 Say the Word (15, More Than Ready) Sir Sahib (Fort Larned) Chart
WO 18/10/20 E. P. Taylor S. Cl G1G1 h3a+ 2000 Etoile (16, Siyouni) Court Return (Court Vision) Chart
WO 18/10/20 Nearctic S. Cl G2G2 3a+ 1200 Silent Poet (15, Silent Name) City Boy (City Zip) Chart
WO 18/10/20 Display S. Cl 2a 1400 Helium (18, Ironicus) Gospel Way (Brody's Cause) Chart
MAR 18/10/20 Jorge Y Melchor Pacheco Cl h3a 1400 Congratulations (17, Pioneering) Astrid (The Leopard) Chart
MAR 18/10/20 Constante R. Turturiell Cl m3a 1400 New Honour (17, Honour and Glory) Independent Honour (Honour and Glory) Chart
RIN 18/10/20 Lanzarina Cl G3G3 h2a 1100 Catira Daniela (18, Vacation) Villacurana (Vacation) Chart
RIN 18/10/20 Victoreado Cl G3G3 m2a 1100 Growing Nel (18, Ruffalex) Strength Fortaleza (Great Hunter) Chart
CMR 18/10/20 Clasico Mister Frisky S Cl G2G2 4a+ 1800 Neil's Diamond (13, Where's the Ring) Dazzling Gem (Misremembered) Chart
Total Found: 16