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CHSCHS 30/10/20 10ª CH 1800m 3a+ Entries
PALPAL 30/10/20 G1 2000m h3a Entries
RPRP 30/10/20 1400m 2a Entries
CTMCTM 30/10/20 1800m h3a+ Entries
HCHHCH 31/10/20 ClCd 1600m h3a+ Entries
HCHHCH 31/10/20 ClCd 1300m h3a Entries
HCHHCH 31/10/20 12ª CH 1900m 3a+ Entries
HCHHCH 31/10/20 14ª G1 1900m 3a Entries
HCHHCH 31/10/20 18ª ClCd 1300m m3a Entries
HCHHCH 31/10/20 20ª CH 1000m 3a+ Entries
SISI 31/10/20 G1 2400m 4a+ Entries
SISI 31/10/20 G1 1000m 3a+ Entries
SISI 31/10/20 10ª G1 1600m 3a+ Entries
SISI 31/10/20 11ª G1 2000m 3a Entries
BELBEL 31/10/20 2400m h3a+ Entries
BELBEL 31/10/20 1700m 2a Entries
BELBEL 31/10/20 G3 1400m 3a+ Entries
CTCT 31/10/20 1400m 2a Entries
MVRMVR 31/10/20 1700m 2a Entries
MVRMVR 31/10/20 1700m h2a Entries
MVRMVR 31/10/20 1200m 3a+ Entries
MVRMVR 31/10/20 1800m h3a+ Entries
MVRMVR 31/10/20 10ª 2000m 3a+ Entries
WOWO 31/10/20 1500m 3a+ Entries
WOWO 31/10/20 1700m h2a Entries
MONTMONT 31/10/20 1000m 3a+ Entries
MONTMONT 31/10/20 L 1900m h3a+ Entries
MARMAR 31/10/20 G3 2400m 3a+ Entries
PCAPCA 31/10/20 G3 1200m 3a Entries
PCAPCA 31/10/20 G1 2400m 3a Entries
HSRHSR 31/10/20 G1 1900m 3a+ Entries
Total Found: 31

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HCH 01/10/20 Camilo Rufin Franzoy Cl ClCdClCd h3a 1200 Bramaderina (17, Verrazano) Prudencia Mia (Gstaad II) Chart
HCH 01/10/20 Camara Nacional De Come Cl ClCdClCd m3a 1200 Adonis El Luchador (17, Omayad) Super Estrella (Gemologist) Chart
BEL 01/10/20 Joseph A. Gimma S. Cl h2a 1400 No Mo' Spending (18, Uncle Mo) Irish Constitution (Constitution) Chart
EMD 01/10/20 Muckleshoot Tribal Clas Cl 3a+ 1700 Unmachable (17, Macho Uno) Elliott Bay (Harbor the Gold) Chart
EMD 01/10/20 WA Cup Filly and Mare S Cl h3a+ 1700 Alittlelesstalk (16, Demon Warlock) Fortune's Freude (Freud) Chart
EMD 01/10/20 Gottstein Futurity Cl 2a 1700 Dutton (18, Noosito) Easy Silence (Constitution) Chart
PIM 01/10/20 Jim McKay Turf Sprint S Cl 3a+ 1000 Hollis (15, Street Sense) Completed Pass (Pass Rush) Chart
PIM 01/10/20 The Very One S. Cl h3a+ 1000 A Great Time (14, Street Magician) Mr. Al's Gal (Salute The Sarge) Chart
PIM 01/10/20 Chick Lang S. Cl G3G3 3a 1200 Yaupon (17, Uncle Mo) Double Crown (Bourbon Courage) Chart
HST 01/10/20 Delta Colleen S. Cl h3a+ 1700 Here's Hannah (15, Numaany) Northern Graystar (Graydar) Chart
HST 01/10/20 Sadie Diamond Futurity Cl h2a 1300 Rea Mea (18, Lent) We B Three (Teide) Chart
HST 01/10/20 S. W. Randall Plate S. Cl 3a+ 1700 Stay Fantastic (16, Stay Thirsty) Coulterberry (Finality) Chart
HST 01/10/20 Jack Diamond Futurity Cl m2a 1300 Foot Soldier (18, Lent) Blueprint (Pop Artist) Chart
Total Found: 13