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HCHHCH 22/10/20 PR 1000m 3a+ Entries
HCHHCH 22/10/20 CH 1600m 3a+ Entries
LPLP 22/10/20 L 1200m 4a+ Entries
LPLP 22/10/20 12ª G2 1600m h3a Entries
PIDPID 22/10/20 1300m h3a Entries
CHSCHS 23/10/20 10ª CH 1000m 3a+ Entries
SISI 23/10/20 11ª G2 1800m h3a Entries
CRICRI 23/10/20 2000m 3a+ Entries
CRICRI 23/10/20 1200m h3a Entries
CRICRI 23/10/20 1200m 3a Entries
CTMCTM 23/10/20 1400m h2a Entries
WOWO 23/10/20 1300m Entries
HCHHCH 24/10/20 ClCd 1000m h3a Entries
HCHHCH 24/10/20 11ª ClCd 1800m h3a Entries
PALPAL 24/10/20 L 1400m h3a+ Entries
CJCJ 24/10/20 G1 2000m h4a+ Entries
CJCJ 24/10/20 G1 1000m 3a+ Entries
MONTMONT 24/10/20 G3 2000m m3a Entries
MONTMONT 24/10/20 G3 2000m h3a Entries
MONTMONT 24/10/20 G1 2000m h3a Entries
MONTMONT 24/10/20 G1 2000m m3a Entries
MARMAR 24/10/20 1300m m4a+p Entries
SISI 25/10/20 L 1400m h4a+ Entries
CJCJ 25/10/20 G2 1600m 4a+ Entries
CJCJ 25/10/20 G1 2400m 4a+ Entries
MARMAR 25/10/20 L 1200m 3a+ Entries
MARMAR 25/10/20 1200m h3a+ Entries
PALPAL 26/10/20 1600m 4a+ Entries
PALPAL 26/10/20 1200m 4a+ Entries
MONTMONT 26/10/20 L 1400m 3a+ Entries
LPLP 27/10/20 1100m 3a+ Entries
LPLP 27/10/20 G3 2000m h4a+ Entries
LPLP 27/10/20 12ª L 1400m 4a+ Entries
Total Found: 33

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CHS 25/09/20 Crisantemo Cl CHCH 3a+ 1300 Gran Rodrigo (15, Tumblebrutus) Muy Gracioso (Lookin At Lucky) Chart
CHS 25/09/20 Porta Pia Cl ClCdClCd h3a+ 1300 Haley (16, Stay Thirsty) Bahia Linda (Lookin At Lucky) Chart
PAL 25/09/20 Contraventora Cl h4a+ 1600 Glory Scape (16, Cityscape) Elvas (Catcher in the Rye) Chart
GAV 25/09/20 Delegaçoes Turfísticas Cl LL 4a+ 1900 Hector Gold (16, Agnes Gold) Magatour (Redattore) Chart
GAV 25/09/20 Osaf Cl LL 3a+ 1200 Ribéry (17, Joe Owen) Raquel's Story (Forestry) Chart
CJ 25/09/20 Conde Silvio Alvares Pe Cl G2G2 h4a+ 2000 Hevea (15, Agnes Gold) Tweet (Midshipman) Chart
CJ 25/09/20 Ministério Da Agricultu Cl G2G2 4a+ 2400 Head Office (16, Wild Event) Noblesse You (T. H. Approval) Chart
CJ 25/09/20 Proclamaçãda Da Repúbli Cl G2G2 3a+ 1000 Tácio (16, Pioneering) Itagiba (Midshipman) Chart
RP 25/09/20 Red Earth S. Cl 3a+ 1500 Quality Rocket (14, Backstabber) Sedaris (Doctor Chit) Chart
RP 25/09/20 Remington Park Turf Spr Cl 3a+ 1000 Welder (13, The Visualiser) Shannon C (Latent Heat) Chart
RP 25/09/20 Bob Barry Memorial S. Cl h3a+ 1500 Hawaiian Typhoon (16, Notional) Alternative Slew (Alternation) Chart
SA 25/09/20 Chillingworth S. Cl G3G3 h3a+ 1300 Into Chocolate (16, Into Mischief) Qahira (Cairo Prince) Chart
SA 25/09/20 Eddie D S. Cl G2G2 3a+ 1100 Big Runnuer (15, Stormy Atlantic) Wildman Jack (Goldencents) Chart
CTM 25/09/20 Freedom of the City S. Cl h2a 1400 She Likes to Party (18, Maclean's Music) Temple of Zoom (Temple City) Chart
CTM 25/09/20 Birdcatcher S. Cl 2a 1400 Bang On (18, Commissioner) Shotthrutheheart (Reload) Chart
MONT 25/09/20 Eduardo Escribens Corre Cl h3a+ 2000 Birdie Queen (15, First Samurai) Esperanza Blanca (Grey Swallow) Chart
MAR 25/09/20 Pliniio Oribe Y Andrés Cl LL h3a+ 1000 Rainha Pioneira (14, Pioneering) Sub Princess (Subordination) Chart
Total Found: 17